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Specialized in Reusable,
Foldable Plastic Containers​

Sustainable & environmentally friendly

Our Products are made with  is an easily recyclable material (Polypropylene) that is also ideal for recycling when regenerated, replacing a wide variety of materials that are difficult or impossible to recycle and thus minimizing the environmental impact.

Extreme minimization of the transport volume for the return and storage of empty containers (up to 85%).

In addition to being extremely stable, but still relatively lightweight, they can be filled and unloaded with ease as well as folded in volume-reduced manner for the return and storage of empty containers. This saves space and costs.

Save Money With Reusable Packaging

Re-use for up to fifty cycles without reducing its functional performance (security, weather resistance, general functionality). Our products deliver more economic benefits to commercial users.


Our product line includes both standard and costumised packaging options for every type of transportation and storage.


Our reusable boxes can be reused up to fifty times without losing any of their functionality.


The material used in the boxes is 100% recyclable, does not emit toxins, has a low carbon footprint, and is safe for human health.


Plastic pallets are lighter than wooden pallets. reducing pallet weight means big savings in fuel costs when transporting goods by road, sea, or air.


Most products are manufactured from heavy-duty polypropylene and can be locked or padlocked to protect valuable contents, making them the perfectly weatherproof to safely store and transport goods.


Because of their ability to maximize limited storage space, stackable pallets are ideal for material handling operations that need to make the most out of a confined area.

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